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Moving forward through Research

R&D is the foundation we stand on. Hence we believe in digging deep and digging wide, when it comes to product development. Conceptualizing a product with the customer as the focus point. To formulating it in the lab, and designing the production process, setting up the systems to ensure the finest products are produced consistently and repetitively, is something we take great pride it.


Product Development Process



Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Only a great Idea and fine Quality make a great product.

Being a system driven unit, we believe in designing the quality control processes early in the product development stage. Development of the quality systems early, helps not only in controlling the quality of the final product but in designing the product, of which every nuance is well studied and analyzed, and hence controlling the quality in the production phase is significantly easier. This way, the final product in the users hand is as good as the idea that put it there in the first place. While adhering to the set quality requirements for vast number of products and processes may be tedious, we believe it is every bit worth the effort. Because a simple smile on the users face makes our day.


Stake holders
"Together we can";

The sum of all the parts is always grater then individual.
The best result is always an outcome of great teamwork. While we do our best in our individual domains, we would never be complete without a great team of stake holders. Suppliers of the finest raw materials, consultants, developers, producers, logistics experts, distributors and dealers are all cogs in a wheel which need to work seamlessly to ensure a great user experience. Hence, we believe in treating every individual, company and organization we work with as an integral part of our team and ensure the we all move forward together. Great teamwork requires transparency, fairness and sharing to ensure all move together, and GMD remains committed to these principles.